A new Will Smith movie ? There are plenty of possibles to choose from...

It has been a few months since I last posted on here - and for good reason: there just hasn't really been anything of note going on in the professional life/career of one Will Smith that I felt was worthy of posting to a blog that is dedicated to his current film work. That being said however, I felt that it was past due that I offer up at least some kind of meager update on his career.

That last time we saw a new Will Smith movie in theaters, he was starring in the Christmas Season release, Seven Pounds, and garnering some positive reviews for a serious yet moving character portrayal which some thought was maybe too dark an offering for the Holiday Season. Well nothing else is definite or truly confirmed by Smith's press people as of this writing, but there are a few runours out there concerning what his next projects might be. If you were to go to the movie industry website imdb.com today and browse will smith's profile there, you would find that he is listed as being involved in over twenty different projects that are all currently listed as being 'in development'. That is staggering even for Hollywood where actors names are constantly being attached to numerous projects at once. I offer you this list of potential future Will Smith movies in its entirety:

1. The American Can
2. Untitled Will Smith/Chef Jeff Project
3. My Wife Hates Your Wife
4. The Long Run
5. Untitled I Am Legend Prequel
6. Cooked
7. The Billionaire's Vinegar
8. Angelology
9. The Last Pharaoh
10. Amulet
11. Old Boy
12. Greenbacks
13. It Takes a Thief
14. Welcome to the Sticks
15. Extra Protection
16. Unfinished Business
17. Time Share
18. Brushback
19. Newton's Law
20. Sisters of Mercy
21. Empire
22. Untitled Courage Crew Project
(list courtesy of imdb.com)

Of all of these, only a handful have really been receiving much attention from fans and or the media so far. The I Am Legend prequel has been talked about by Smith fans, but I don't really get the feeling that smith himself is all that worked up about it at this time. The Last Pharaoh has also been covered in the media and this one seems to have more legs since smith has expressed some interest in possibly making this his "pet project" after his self imposed hiatus from acting. The basic gist of Pharaoh is that Smith would play Taharqa, an Egyptian pharaoh who defended his land from Assyrian invaders in the 7th century BC. The Last Pharaoh is being written by Randall Wallace (Braveheart) for Columbia Pictures, based upon a story idea that Smith is reported to have wanted to see made into a movie for a very long time.now. This is the project that I most expect to hear about as the next choice for Smith.

Only time will tell, I guess.